Mesh of a fight airplane Anaxsoft™ FEEA SDK™ is a comprehensive finite elements engine created specifically for the .NET Framework. It is a unique and robust system, with component-oriented architecture and small footprint, that integrates powerful structural analysis capabilities into any .NET application. FEEA SDK™ includes everything developers and engineers need to write, build, test and deploy .NET applications that depend on finite element analysis. Let Anaxsoft™ do the heavy lifting for you. We'll add finite element analysis capabilities to your project in just days.

Users of FEEA SDK

FEEA SDK is a perfect choice for:

  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who want to embed a computational engine in their application or product to extend customer value at low cost
  • Research institutions who need a computational engine for their research
  • Educational institutions and students

Visual Studio and .NET Framework support

It is compatible with Microsoft's Visual Studio 2017, and supports version 2.0, or later, of the .NET Framework, including the latest version 4.x.

It comprises a series of high performance .NET assemblies, the documentation of the various APIs, and a set of tools and examples to assist you in development. Every aspect of the software comes with full documentation and examples.

If there's a theme for FEEA SDK, it's this: enterprise-level excellence

Benefits from using FEEA SDK

Finite element analysis is exciting, but with FEEA SDK is particularly exciting. FEEA SDK is an incredible software. It is a sophisticated and powerful finite element development framework, that offers an excellent mix of performance, reliability, and ease of use, yet enables the user to control every aspect of analysis when desired. FEEA SDK is a dream system for a finite element developer.

If you've worked with the traditional tools and technologies, we expect you'll be a little shocked by the differences. Finite element development on the .NET Framework provides new and extremely efficient ways to create technical/scientific applications using the programming language with which you feel most comfortable.

It is more than just an API. It's a brand new technology, a new software infrastructure for computational mechanics problems. If there's a theme for FEEA SDK, it's this: enterprise-level excellence.

It opens several new possibilities for designing more scalable and powerful finite element applications. FEEA SDK shows the way for faster, easier, and more disciplined development of scientific applications, and the results are impressive.

Learn more about FEEA SDK

With FEEA SDK you get out of the box analyses: static, transient, modal, response spectrum, and more. No limits, rich set of BCs/Loads, smart and selective output, and many more features... The theory and formulations used in our code follow closely to well-established practices and references.